Love Seminars

Are your relationships extraordinary?

Tj Bartel has helped hundreds of couples create passionate, deeply connected relationships and thousands of individuals become more blissful, awakened and empowered.  

By blending ancient Taoist, Vedic, and Tantric methods with today's most cutting edge modalities of communication and personal growth, you can:

  • master communication skills
  • become a master lover
  • become more awakened and empowered

While Tj offers group classes and coaching, he specializes in private sessions for both individuals and couples, helping people experience more love and joy. 

Whether you are looking for simple coaching or in-depth personal intimacy guidance, implementing ancient philosophies with modern techniques will take your ability to love and be loved to a deeper level.


I can't recommend Tj highly enough.  If you have any desire to feel what it feels like to be worshipped, protected and opened by a beautiful man with the utmost integrity AND become more orgasmic in the process, then do whatever you have to do to get time with Tj.  If you let it, it'll change your life forever, as it did mine.

Kristin M., CEO

Through working with Tj I feel so much more positive and more patient with people. I feel more empowered. The experience of receiving such respect from you, to the point of near reverence - it has taken me by surprise. First, I'm amazed with how gratifying it is to feel so honored, and second I soon realized that it is not only wonderful, but that it feels right. In other words, I will never again stand for less in relationship.

Heather, 38

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